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Bogodol – Čabulja Velika Vlajna

Bogodol – Čabulja Velika Vlajna (1789m/nv)

Departure: Bogodol (920 m a.s.l.)

Arrival: Velika Vlajna (1780 m a.s.l.)

Time: 4 h

About 20 km from Mostar is start point for peak Velika Vlajna, mountain Čabulja. From the north Čabulja is sorounded with Drežanka river, from east with Neretva river and plateu Raška gora and from south with valley Bogodl. The peaks have a height about 1700 m a.s.l.

The path goes constantly up a mule path, on stones and grass. From the top, you can enjoy a truly breathtaking view over the Čvrsnica, Prenj, Velež, Biokovo mountains and the Drežanka valley.


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