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Blagaj – City of Herceg Stjepan

Blagaj – City of Herceg Stjepan

Departure: Blagaj

Arrival: City of Herceg Stjepan

Time: 30'-45'

Start point is in Blagaj. Blagaj is about 10km to the south from Mostar. Blagaj is the old city of Herzegovina and it was a capital city of Herzegovina before Ottomans rule.

Hike to Herceg Stjepan is very easy. The path goes along rocky, rather arid terain, with constant zigzag rise up the mountain. After 30' walk, you reaches the medieval fortress of Herceg Stjepan.

The view from the fortress is truly unique: on the river Buna and to the hills aroud. After hike we go to the most famous Blagaj’s building Tekija. Tekija, wich is built in 16 century represents very important monument of culture from early Turkish period in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Inside of Tekija is decorated in baroque - Turkish style what is the only building of that kind.



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